One chunky rollercoaster ride


One afternoon I checked out a local park near my office which is in an industrial area. This is what I found. Needless to say, I’m not coming back to this park for a relaxing walk on my lunch break.

In 2011 I lost 50 pounds. That was great. In 2012 I found 25 of those pounds. That was not-so great. What does 2013 hold for my waistline? I have no freakin’ idea but I’m not very optimistic at the moment.

We’ll see how that pans out as the year unfolds.

As a die-hard baseball fan it’s hard not to look back as 2011 as an outlier, an out-of-nowhere career year from an average/mediocre player who never comes close to posting similar numbers. Up until 2011 I was a fairly lazy desk jockey who steadily gained weight since graduating from college. I made several efforts to get on top of my diet and work exercise into my routine but nothing ever stuck.

Somehow, some way, things clicked in 2011. By the end of the year I was pretty confident that I had a solid new set of habits in place to at least keep me on the road to better health. Then 2012 came around and everything started to unravel.

I’d be lying if I said some personal issues from 2011 didn’t spill into 2012 and lead to some unhealthy indulgences with grog and grub. Health also ended up playing a major role in the return of 25 pounds to my gut. At the beginning of 2012 we moved our kids into a large day care center and the rest of the year was Plague City. Every time I started to get back on track with exercise the entire household would get sick and I’d end up out of action for a couple of weeks. I’m actually at home sick right now so it looks like The Plague still has a hold of me.

The pounds slowly started glomming onto me and then the onslaught of flab picked up pace when I landed a long-sought new job. The new gig led to a seismic shift in hours and just like that, the time to exercise seemed to vanish.

Committing more hours to work by adding a notable commute to my life also led to a slew of sloppy habits with my diet. I went from having the time to eat healthy breakfasts to being lazy and eating breakfast burritos and bagel sandwiches in San Francisco. Man, oh man, I love me some breakfast burritos!

By the time winter 2012 came along, my waistline was rapidly expanding and my energy level was steadily shrinking as the calories piled up and the exercise slipped away. All in all, a terrible combination.

I’ve tried to dig back in a few times over the past couple of months and get my diet back in line while finding some opportunities in my new schedule to squeeze in some walks. When I stay on top of things it seems like my weight at least holds steady. Of course, the negative momentum from 2012 has a lot of … well, weight behind it which has a tendency to keep dragging me down.

So here we are, a couple of months and a few pounds into 2013 and I’m left scratching my head while gazing down at my plump belly wodering how things will play out this year. Will I rediscover the success of 2011, will I continue the fall of 2012, or will I end up landing somewhere in between?

Of course, acting like the whole thing is out of my hands is kind of absurd and totally lazy but I guess that’s kind of my thing. It really just gets down to coming up with a workable plan and having the willpower to stick to it long enough to develop new habits.

Knowing what to do is the easy part. Actually doing it is a whole other challenge.




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