Hit the road flab, and don’t you come back

I gotta sneak this post in before an indulgent Fourth of July weekend catches up with me when I step on the scale this weekend: As of my most recent weigh-in I’ve lost 25 pounds this year.

How crazy is that?  I’ve been tracking my weight since January 2006 and I’m now more than 5 pounds below my lowest recorded weight.  In fact, I’ve lost so much weight that a friend at work who doesn’t see me very often was worried that I’d been sick recently.

Nope, nothing to worry about folks.  I’m as healthy as a horse and as stubborn as a mule.  The weight loss even surprises me.

As far as I’m concerned I’m kind of eating and drinking the same as always.  Sure, there’s a lot more fruit and veggies mixed in and I’m thinking before stuffing a couple of donuts in my face at breakfast.  Throw in some Weight Watchers recipes for dinner and general eating tips from my wife and you have an improved diet.  But I’m still enjoying a gin and tonic and snack when I feel like it in the evening.

The biggest change is probably on the physical activity front.  The bottom line is I’ve been able to keep my lazy butt in motion for the past several months by taking at least one long walk a day and I actually hopped on our elliptical trainer for the first time in about 4 years.

Who knew that a walk a day and some moderately improved eating habits could pay off in such a rewarding manner?

Of course, the real test is to keep the momentum going and keep the weight off.  If I post another photo of a massive beer gut in a year then you’ll know that I fell back into my old rut.  I kind of did that during the Fourth of July weekend with a little too much beer and junk food but I think I’m making up for it this week with some massive walks and veggies for afternoon snacks instead of other sources of calories.

I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds and I hope they never come back.  Somewhere out there there’s a bone-thin super model or a scrawny high school geek who needs to gain a few pounds and they’re more than welcome to the 25 I set free.


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