The good, the bad and the ugly

It’s been a while since I got off my butt and posted to this blog.  I’ve been to little too busy/lazy/caught up in the Oakland A’s spiraling down the drain to blog about my beer gut.  But I’m back with some quick hits.


Since January I’ve lost almost 20 pounds.  I’d say that qualifies as “good.”

What also qualifies as good is fitting into some jeans and shorts that I haven’t worn in years because I got too damn fat to squeeze into them.  I was always too cheap and stubborn to donate them because I figured if I ever managed to lose weight I had an entire wardrobe waiting for me.  Sure enough, some of those old clothes are coming back into play.

I’ve also had to cinch up my belt a couple of times in the past several weeks which is a welcome change of pace.  Over the past few years I’ve had to cut extra holes into belts as my waist line has expanded and when I ran out of room I finally had to throw in the towel and buy a bigger belt.

Oh the shame of it all.


Last week was the first time in a long time that I stepped on the scale and I didn’t lose any weight.  The only positive I could take away from the experience was that I didn’t gain any weight but I have to admit that it was a major bummer that I wasn’t able to officially hit the 20 pounds lost mark.

The most frustrating thing was that I pushed myself all week to take longer walks on my lunch break but the silver lining is that those long walks are probably what helped me maintain my weight.

So what was my downfall last week?  I think I had a few too many gin and tonics and snack foods at night.  And I had a few too many tacos and chips for lunch on Friday.  Looking back, I have to admit that I got a little too excited about losing almost 3 pounds the previous week and assumed that an extra drink or two during the week wouldn’t put a dent in my weight loss goals.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.


You know those lunchtime walks I love so much?  I think it’s getting too hot in the afternoon for me to take them anymore and that’s bad.  Very, very bad.

Wait a second, I led into this last item with “The Ugly” as a subhead … I guess I should say that not taking walks anymore is ugly. Very, very ugly.  Sorry about that.

In my opinion those walks are a major reason why I’ve been making progress in battling the bulge and I take’em on my lunch break because I’m too busy after work to do it.  Now that summer has finally decided to arrive and it’s 85/90/100 degrees out in the middle of the day I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to be charging into the blazing heat to take a long, brisk walk after shoving some Lean Cuisine down my pie hole.

My friends at work don’t deserve to be stuck working next to a sweaty, fat, middle aged dude.  So we’ll see how this plays out as the summer rolls along but it seems like one of my greatest fears is coming to pass.

The only time I’ve ever lost weight in the past is during the spring/summer when the weather is good enough to go out and be active.  But as soon as it gets too hot I duck back indoors and act like a sloth.  Then the summer disappears and winter rolls in and I stay inside to avoid the cold and rain.  By the time the next spring rolls around I’ve gained back all the weight I lost and more.

Hopefully I can find some creative ways to keep my rear in gear as the mercury rises because it would be a shame to throw away all the progress I’ve made up to this point.


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