I hate you lopchong

Let’s talk about my sausage.

OK, now that I have your attention, I’ll break the news to you this this won’t be any kind of NSFW post.  I’m talking about Chinese sausage, aka lopchong.

I went out for lunch with my friends from work yesterday and we hit a Vietnamese restaurant where I tried to be good by ordering a bowl of pho.  How bad can a bowl of soup be?

I ordered a small bowl with sliced beef instead of my usual medium or large and I only had a couple of glasses of water to drink.  Without giving it a second thought I also ordered a side of Chinese sausage to add to my soup.

Little did I know that that nasty little link of meat would lead to my downfall.

After lunch I e-mailed my wife to bug her and see how many points my lunch cost me because I assumed I did great.  How wrong I was.

According to her the soup, noodles and sliced beef was just 6 points but the sausage dropped an extra 12 points on my beergut.  How the heck can an ugly little thing like lopchong be worth a whopping 12 points?

I clearly have to be a little more paranoid about what I eat and err on the side of less is more … even though less often frustratingly feels like less.


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