Damn you discipline, damn you all to hell!

The one major drawback I’ve found to trying to lose weight so far is that paying attention to what I eat is pulling me away from some of my beloved indulgences.

In no particular order, here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been missing out on and longing for:

* Pizza and buffalo wings — I miss the good old days when I could easily scarf down 4 or 5 gooey, magically delicious slices of pie while mixing in 6 or 8 wings and a couple of ice cold beers with no remorse.  How many points would that be in the Weight Watchers Points Plus program? 1,000?

* Donuts — Oh how I long for my beloved sugary friends in the morning.  In my carefree days of eating I’d regularly stop off at the local donut shop or 7-Eleven on the way to work and get a couple of gorgeous, sweet, circular calorie bombs.  The one rare week that I didn’t stop off at 7-Eleven led to the cashier asking one of my co-workers why I didn’t come in for my weekly chocolate eclair.   I miss you too.

* Bagel breakfast sandwiches — How many calories are these things?  Do I really want to know?  Do I even care?  All I know is that I freakin’ love a good bagel breakfast sandwich in the morning but I haven’t had one in a long time.   I’ve had bagels with cheese and sausage, ham and cheese and even ham, cheese and bacon.  How bad is it when you’re adding pork to pork?  Like I said, I haven’t had one of these in a long time and I happen to be losing weight.  Coincidence?  I think not.

* Late night snacks — OK, I haven’t really quit this but I’ve drastically cut back and I kind of miss my evening pig-outs.  Ask my wife and she can tell you that I am the snack master.  I can make a mean plate of nachos or jazzed up chicken nuggets with a mayo and mustard sauce (I probably just gained weight writing that).  I can even turn cheese and crackers into something special with some cold cuts and creativity.  Of course, those are a mountain of calories to shove down your throat before going to bed and I know I’m better off without them.  It doesn’t mean I can’t long for another late-night encounter with my guilty pleasures.

So there it is, a quick rundown of my friends/foes.  It took a lot of willpower this morning to pass up donuts and bagels on the way to work since I was running late and stressed out.  But I managed to make it to work and stick to my low-calorie cereal and apple breakfast.

We’ll see if that pays off when I step on the scale this weekend.


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