Ladies and gentelmen, I am now eating like a weirdo

I think I have just crossed a line into weirdo eating as I sit here chowing down on my lunch.

Instead of heating up the delightfully delicious and nutritious LeanCuisine feast I brought to work I headed down to Kinder’s for a sandwich.   What can I say? I was feeling a little sick and tired of low calorie frozen food this afternoon.

In the past I probably would have ordered a ginormous sandwich full of wonderous, magically tasty red meat.  But today I tried to keep the whole weight loss thing in mind and I simply ordered a mini smoked turkey sandwich.

That should have been enough to make me feel like I was being a good boy for once.

So where’d I cross the line from normal eating into weirdo eating?  When I got back to my desk I ditched half the bread and piled the turkey and all the fixings into one half of the sandwich.

I’m probably the worst educated dieter in the world but I heard somewhere that the carbs in bread are my mortal enemy.  So with that in mind I made the odd move to chuck half of the bread I got with my mini sandwich.

If bread is the enemy, I have to admit that I love the enemy and I miss inhaling any sandwich I desire with no remorse.  But if I step on the scale this weekend and see a slightly smaller number than last week I guess I can live without a full helping of bread every once and a while.


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