So here it is, the beer gut that started it all

I recently moved The Beer Gut Chronicles from Tumblr to WordPress for the sake of ease of use since I already have another blog set up here.  But it got me thinking.  Why the heck did I even start this side project in the first place?

I kicked this blog off with a some as-advertised navel gazing but upon further introspection I have to say that the photo above is what really got the ball rolling.

Friends and family members have been cropped out to protect the innocent and my ugly mug has been hacked off so we can focus on the glory of my beer gut.  It took years of hard living to craft this thing so I’m going to call it glorious every chance I get.  If you’re wondering why this picture is in black and white with an odd brushstoke effect I have to confess to getting a bored and playing with Photoshop a little too much.

This photo was taken at a party celebrating the birth of a family friend’s daughter.  The shindig was held at a buffet and needless to say I went to town at that joint.  A couple of trips for plates full of food and a couple of runs through the dessert section seemed like a perfectly logical plan of action to me that day.  I mean, it’s a buffet right?  The whole glorious, indulgent point of a buffet is that you can eat as much of whatever you want.  You’d have to be a damn fool to just grab a little bit of salad, some grilled chicken and mixed veggies with a glass of water and then call it a day.

A few weeks later my in-laws passed on copies of the photos they took that afternoon because there were a lot of cute shots of my kids in the mix that they wanted to share and I came across this gem.  My initial thought was, “Good gawd, I look like I’m freakin’ pregant!”

If Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships then I may have the gut that launched a thousand sit-ups.  Of course, I still have to get around to doing my first sit-up but I may be on my way to a slightly slimmer, trimmer me.

All it took was this single photo to drive home how out of hand my weight had become and eventually nudge me toward watching what I eat and moving around a little more to burn some calories.  I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a step in the right direction and it’s gradually paying off.  If you ran into me on the street today you probably couldn’t tell by looking at me but I’ve actually dropped close to 9 pounds since early this year.

Of course, now that I take a closer look at the photo in it’s current black-and-white/butchered-in-Photoshop state my gut doesn’t look that bad.  I guess dark colors really do have a slimming effect because in color it looks like I’m late in the second trimester of a pregnancy.

I’ve been casually keeping a running record of my weight since 2006 and when I stepped on the scales in January I was the heaviest I’ve ever been.  The photo above wasn’t taken long after that.  The weight I’ve dropped so far really isn’t all that much in the big picture but it’s nothing to sneeze at either … if you’re inclined to sneeze at fat for some strange reason.

I’m not willing to bet everything in my bank accounts that I’ll stick to my modest goal of consistently losing weight and getting in shape because I’ve failed every other time I’ve tried, but I think I may finally be on the right track and that beats being in the buffet line for an extra helping of everything in sight.


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