I’ve been here before

I had a distinct feeling of deja vu the other day while I was out taking a walk on my lunch break.

The feeling didn’t wash over me because my wife was calling with another ambitious, expensive plan for the house but it certainly would have qualified as a deja vu moment because it $eem$ to happen here and there.  No, what brought on the strangely familiar feeling was that I was making an effort to get physically active and lose weight.

I’ve clearly been encouraged by the fact that merely changing what I eat has yielded results and that’s helped push me to at least take a short walk in the afternoon on my lunch break.  But what hit me on the way back to the office is that I did the same thing a couple of years ago … and a few years before that … and several months before that, etc.

The common thread running through every effort I’ve ever made to lose weight is that I’ve never stuck to it.  I always get on a roll, make some progress shedding pounds and getting into a good routine and then something happens to get me back off track.

Sometimes I’ve gotten sick.  Sometimes I get bogged down and stressed out at work.  Sometimes I just get lazy when the seasons change and it’s too hot or cold out for my taste.  I’ve had other times where a sprained ankle or shin splints sends me to the sidelines.

The bottom line is that I’ve had plenty of encouraging starts before but I’ve never stuck to anything.

We’ll see if this time is any different.


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