Another week, another drop in weight

I’m starting to see why women hate men when it comes to losing weight.  We just seem to have an easier time dropping pounds.

My wife and I both hopped on the scale over the weekend to see how we’re doing and I lost almost 2 pounds last week while she gained a little weight.

The big difference between what we’re doing?  She’s been diligently sticking to the Weight Watchers Online game plan 24/7 but I’ve only been casually tagging along while regularly plopping down in front of the TV with a glass of bourbon and a snack of some kind in the evening.

Imagine what I could do if I really tried to lose weight?

All kidding aside, the small, consistent weight loss I’ve been seeing for the past few weeks is actually really encouraging and it’s helping me stay on track.  I assume that at some point I’ll hop on the scale and discover that I’ve either gained weight or hit a weight-loss wall.  But for now I’m satisfied that I’m slowly making progress in changing my habits and thinking a little more about what I stuff into my face.

It took more than I decade to get this hefty and I assume it’ll take a while to get un-hefty.


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