Farewell Weight Watchers Online

My Weight Watchers Online account is dead.  Long live my Weight Watchers Online account.

That’s right, barely 2 weeks into my relationship with WWO I pulled the ripcord and bailed out.

I finally got fed up with their tracking app and lack of active guidance.  Combine that with some pricey landscaping we’re doing in our back yard and you have a great excuse to cancel an account and save some money.

As soon as I fell a few days behind in tracking what I was eating I knew the end was near.  I just didn’t have the time, patience or motivation to catch up.

But don’t jump to any conclusions and assume I’m done with the weight loss effort that led to the birth of the Beer Gut Chronicles.  I still have my sights set on losing weight and I’ve actually lost 3 pounds since I started this blog.

That’s not significant enough to proudly shout from a mountaintop, but it’s progress.  I may not have gone all in with WWO but at least I got on board with the basic idea to pay more attention to what I eat and I got results.

Another reason I quit WWO was because I didn’t see any point to pay for my wife’s membership and mine at the same time.  I’d rather save a few bucks and bug her any time I want some free advice from WWO.

At this point it’s painfully clear that I am cheap and lazy but at least I’m moving in the right direction and losing some weight.

If I keep this up I’ll be ready to proudly hit the beach in my new bathing suit by the end of the summer!


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