Six pounds lost!

You read that right, WWO lead to a 6 pound weight loss in 1 week … for my wife.  Congrats to her! 

I’m impressed that just watching what you eat for a week can have that big of a payoff and I have to admit that it’s a great inspiration for me to stop griping about WWO and start following the program at least a little bit.

So how did I do in my first week with WWO?  I actually lost 1 pound even though I didn’t make any effort to eat well.  No wonder women hate men when it comes to weight loss.

But there’s even some inspiration in that too.  If I can lose a little weight without trying and my wife can lose a lot with just a few adjustments I think there’s a chance that I can actually put a dent in my beer gut if I actually try.  Crazy concept.

Today’s lunch is a small step in that direction.  Lean Cuisine with a point-free apple and glass of water.  Yum!


In case anyone is wondering, the tracking aspect of WWO still annoys the hell out of me.  As soon as I fall a few days behind it drives me up the wall trying to catch up, especially when my WiFi connection at home keeps cutting out and messing with the WWO app.

I wish whining about WWO earned me some activity points.  If it did I think I’d have enough points by now to enjoy a donut or two.


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