Cranky early impressions of Weight Watchers Online

Maybe I’m just having a really cranky week (What’s new?) but so far think I can safely say that there’s an outside chance that I just might totally hate Weight Watchers Online (or WWO for the sake of saving a few keystrokes through the rest of this post).

I know, it’s absurd to say that less than a week into the process but I can already tell that I’m not impressed with what I’m getting for my money.

WWO reminds me of a free weight loss service called Spark People at that I tried out several months ago. I quit after a couple of weeks because I got tired of wasting time tracking my food intake and exercise.  It seemed like a lot of annoying effort that led nowhere.

I’m already just as annoyed with WWO.

On Day 1 all I wanted to do was enter my breakfast of a cup of coffee with cream and sugar and a bowl of cereal.  Seems simple enough, right?  Should be quick and easy … or so I thought.

Entering “coffee” and “cereal” into the database gave me hundreds of options and none of them really matched what I ate.  I think it took me almost as much time to enter my breakfast into WWO’s tracker as it took me to eat it and even then I needed my wife’s help a couple of days later to revise my entry and make it more accurate.

And of course, each time you pick a food or drink you have to pick out how much you ate.  Was is 1 cup? 1/3 of a cup?  1/8 of a cup?  How the hell do I know?  I eat my breakfast, I don’t weigh it.  No one does.

An obvious point of the WWO process is that you’re supposed to stop and think about that kind of stuff but I really don’t have the time.  It’s hard enough to find the time to eat a quick breakfast much less measure everything out.

Another early gripe is that WWO’s tracking system seems like it’s built to be inaccurate.  There’s no way you can really accurately nail everything you eat and drink.  Same goes for the amount of exercise you get.

So far it feels like I use up almost all of my points for the day by the time I take a few bites of my lunch.  That kinds of sucks.  It’s hard not to resent a system that dings you for having the gall to eat a big bowel of cereal and a commuter mug of java in the morning.

The other thing that’s a little disappointing so far is the fact that WWO was my wife’s idea but it seems like I’m pretty much flying solo early on.  I assumed the idea was that we’d tackle our flab as a team but so far we’re more like two chunky ships laboriously passing in the night.

We haven’t done one bit of exercise together, we haven’t prepared a single WWO meal for dinner.  We haven’t even talked about any of that stuff and  last night we had frozen food for dinner.  I’m sure that’ll cost me a lot of points.

I guess it’d be nice if WWO could look at what I’m entering into the food tracker and offer some healthier alternatives but I haven’t been able to find anything like that on their Web site.  If my java and cereal is so bad, help me out WWO.  What should I be eating instead that I might like? 

Don’t leave me on my own to figure it out WWO.  Not when I’m forking out money for your help.  If I knew how to eat right I wouldn’t be pumping my hard-earned money into WWO would I?

I’m starting to think that my wife and I are too busy with life, work and our two kids right now to really make WWO work for us.  I hope I’m totally wrong about that … or at least half wrong.  If my wife gets something out of this at least one of us will be better off in the long run.

If I’m really honest with myself I have to admit that I probably don’t have the personality to click with WWO.  Let’s just say that I’m a little stubborn. Actually I’m pig-headedly stubborn bordering of self-destructively independent when you get right down to it and I often prefer to fail on my own rather than ask for help.

I’m sure that doesn’t make much sense but I figure that I can always learn something valuable from my failures and there’s more satisfaction in accomplishing something on your own.

But I agreed to give this WWO thing a shot so I’ll hang in there for a few more weeks and see if I stop being such a whiny, cranky bastard and start to “get it” and follow WWO’s lead to a slimmer, trimmer me.


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