Egads, 242 pounds!

As promised, today is my initial self-imposed weigh-in day and I certainly didn’t hold anything back when I stepped on the scale this morning.

242 pounds wouldn’t be too bad if I was 6 foot 6 or taller.  Unfortunately, I’m barely pushing 6 feet so dragging 242 pounds around is less than ideal/bordering on hide-your-bloated-head-in-the-sand disgraceful.

It looks like my wife and I are going to sign up for Weight Watchers online today and give that a shot, so to say farewell to carefree eating I’m going to Five Guys with my friends from work for lunch.  Self destruction tastes so good.

According to this I am definitely obese and my ideal healthy weight is about 180 pounds.

Considering the fact that I’m technically about 62 pounds overweight and from what little I read at Weight Watchers a healthy weight loss goal is about 2 pounds a week, I should be at my healthy weight in about 8 months.

Yeah, fat chance.  I don’t think I weighed 180 pounds while I was in college.  Who sets these standards anyway?  It took me more than a decade to get this fat and there’s no way I’m going from flab to fab in less time than it takes a woman to have a baby.

I have to say that my overall goal isn’t to lose weight as much as it is to feel better.  Anorexic supermodels clearly keep the pounds off but I’m sure they feel like hell because they sure look like it.

If I could just whittle away one of my chins and cinch my belt in a notch and feel relatively energized I’d take that over losing a ton of weight and being able to squeeze into the beer league softball jersey I wore in college if the price of that weight loss is horrible nutrition and zero energy.

So we’ll see where this whole weight loss thing goes.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I fell off the wagon in the blink of an eye but you never know.  This could finally be the time I stick to something and lose weight.


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