Here we are, what now?

So here it is, The Beer Gut Chronicles. The big question now is what the heck is going on here? I’m kind of wondering myself.

The general idea is that this is a side project to kill some time while I’m neglecting my other blog. The Beer Gut Chronicles will focus on a lot of things, namely my beer gut. But it’ll also delve into my double chin, my chunky face and my ever-expanding arse.

I’ll try to figure out how I went from energetic skinny college grad to roly poly exhausted father of two and how I can get to something vaguely resembling a healthy middle aged man.

Sound exciting? Yeah, I’m not too sure if it sounds all that exciting to me either which is why I decided to take these weighty issues over to Tumblr and keep my WordPress blog content light and fun … or at least that’s what I shoot for over at my other blog.

Another big question for me is who the heck am I writing for? How could I have any readers when this blog isn’t even publicized? I guess I’ll just be unleashing some brain farts for my own enjoyment here on Tumblr. If anything has a chance to kill my calorie-sucking appetite maybe that’ll do the trick.

I’ll cut loose with things on Monday by taking the hackneyed first step on the scale and from there I’ll start taking a look at what I’m shoving into my round face and what, if anything, I’m doing to burn it all off.

Smart money says I’ll get busy or bored and flake out on all this but for now The Beer Gut Chronicles is ready to roll.


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